If you requested more information, please expect a response within 24-28 hours

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If you would like to register for Tier II courses, please read the

below message in its entirety as it contains very important information:

Step 1: Start by watching both videos on the VLCFF home page https://vlcff.udayton.edu/. The “An Overview of the VLCFF” gives you some background information on the VLCFF and how they operate.  The “Getting Started with VLCFF” video gives you pointers on how the courses run, what is expected of you and some great tips on how to be successful in the courses.  Being a new student, they will help you understand the courses immensely.

Step 2: Create a profile (covered in the Getting Started Video).

Step 3: Register and pay for your first course. Registration opens about six weeks prior to each cycle.  There are seven cycles per year. It is recommended that students begin with one course their first cycle.  The Tier II courses for the Theological Formation Program are:

  • Theological Reflections: Key to Connecting Faith & Life
  • Introduction to Scripture
  • Christology
  • Ecclesiology, Beginnings of the Church
  • Foundations for Liturgy
  • Sacraments
  • Conscience
  • Survey of Catholic Social Teaching
  • Vocation to Ministry
  • Choose 1:
    • Option 1: Administration in Ministry
    • Option 2: Leadership in Ministry

Step 4: Order required texts (covered in video and will be in your registration email). You will receive a ‘cycle start’ email a day or two before the course begins. This email will contain important information, be sure to read it carefully.  You will not have access to the course until this time.

If along the way, you have any questions you are welcome to contact: Laura Franklin with VLCFF at lfranklin1@udayton.edu or Julia Fracker with the San Juan Diego Institute of Formation atjuliafracker@rcdlc.org.  Thank you

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