Youth Ministry


Youth Ministry helps to form young people and create lasting relationships and support systems.  Young people are very vulnerable to the temptations of the world and can easily be led away from the Church if they are not strongly rooted in the life of the Church.  Much of this work is the responsibility of the parents.  Youth ministry does not aim to devalue or lessen the role of the parent, on the contrary, there is no one more important in the lives of our youth than their parents.  What youth ministry does do is provide young people with opportunities to encounter Christ within their peer groups and to make lasting friends who can serve as a support system as they go off to college and beyond.  Youth ministry helps the parents to provide a solid foundation in God and community for their children.

More information will be available as the institute continues to evolve.  In the meantime, for more information, please visit theDiocese of Las Cruces Web Site.




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