Liturgical Ministry


The majority of Catholics only experience of the faith is Mass on Sunday.  This means that the way to reach the most amount of Catholics is by example in the way in which the laity serve at Mass.  Have you heard a Lector truly proclaim the Word of God so well that your heart burns with an aching love for God?  Have you ever seen an Extraordinary Ministry of Holy Communion serve so well that you know what they are doing is sacred and mysterious, a mystery so deep that you ponder the Body of Christ throughout the day?  Have you ever encountered an Usher who welcomed you in a way that demonstrated the love God has for us as well as the love we ought to have for others?  

Liturgy, however, is not just about the Mass.  It includes blessings, special rites within the Church, particularly those that are part of the RCIA, prayer services, holy hours, and the liturgy of the hours.  Liturgical ministers are some of the most visible ministers and proper formation to carry out their duties with precision and reverence lends itself to creating opportunities of encounters with Christ, opportunities for evangelization and the formation of missionary disciples.

More information will be published as this certification program is developed.  In the meantime, for more information, please visit the Diocese of Las Cruces Web Site.




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