Catechetical Ministry


Catechetical Ministry involves the teaching of the faith to youth, adolescents, and adults.  Catechesis is very important for both our youth as well as adults.  The role of parents in the faith lives of their children is the most important.  Parents are the primary educators of the faith.  The catechist is to help the parent in their important role, this help comes in the form of forming the parent to better lead their children in the faith as well as providing teaching to the children as a partner in catechesis with the parents.

Effective catechetical is essential as poorly catechized Catholics can be lead astray by the temptations of the world as well as misconceptions regarding the beliefs of the Church.  In order to live out the richness and beauty of the Catholic Faith we must have a good understanding of, at least the basic dogma and doctrine, as well as an encounter with Christ which helps translate our “head knowledge” into “heart knowledge.”  A certified catechist would be trained in theory and practical methods in order to teach the faith in a way that will lend itself to the evangelization of others and formation of missionary disciples.

More will be available on this page as we continue to form this part of the institute, in the meantime, for more information, please visit theDiocese of Las Cruces Web Page.




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