Topic 9: Wrapped in the Heart of God: Lessons from Simone Weil and The Courtesy of God: Lessons from Blessed Julian of Norwich


Review Questions

Question 1

How are you challenged by the following words from the presentation: ―Contemplation: the word almost sounds like a warm, cozy cocoon. An image that comes to mind is a silent space, dimly lit, with an open Bible and a candle. Contemplation, however, if it is authentic, thrusts a person, more vulnerable than ever, into the reality God wishes to reveal to him or her. Contemplation burns a heart clean, purifies vision and unstops the ears. It awakens desires. It makes one aware of others, able to see what no one else may see and to hear the voices of the marginalized. Through contemplation, God moves within our line of vision, and so does our neighbor.‖


Question 2

How do you deal with sin in your life? Do you ignore it? Does it not exist? Is it a cause of frustration or discouragement? Do you obsess over perfection? How could Julian be of help in all of these stances toward sin? In your answer refer to the following part of the presentation: ―Beginning contemplatives realize before long that one big adjustment needs to be made in their prayer life: stop striving, stop trying, stop worrying. Julian‘s famous quotation, ‗all shall be well,‘ should be a mantra for anyone who worries about doing the right thing in prayer, frets over failures or anguishes over sins. God wants us to delight in him. That is all. He will make everything else ‗well‘ for us.‖

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