Topic 5: Let the Spirit Direct You: Lessons from St. Ignatius of Loyola

Review Questions


Question 1

Have you ever considered imagination as an asset in prayer? Why or why not? In imaginative prayer on the scenes of the Gospel, Jesus often speaks to us. Do you think that these words can be taken as truly from Jesus and possible directives for one‘s life? How so?


Question 2

When we experience a movement out toward others and toward God, when we feel a deep peace along with a growth in faith (even if it may be in a situation of personal pain or suffering), the Spirit is influencing our hearts. These are spiritual consolations. Jarring feelings, dullness, and alienation from God often accompany a movement away from God, and this is spiritual desolation. How would you distinguish this from natural happiness or natural sadness or discouragement?


Question 3

How could your incorporate a sensitivity to the movement of the spirits and Ignatian discernment into your daily decision making?

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