Topic 3: Invite God to Come Near

Review Questions


Question 1

Can you recount a moment or event when you felt your spirit being awakened? What was it like? Did it influence you as your life went forward? If you feel as though you forgot it and it didn‘t influence your life, how can you go back and retrieve what the Spirit was trying to give you?


Question 2

Is there an event in your life that you need to be ―re-framed‖? Imagine Jesus walking into that event. Watch what he does. How does this make your feelings and attitudes surrounding the issue different?


Question 3

Several prayer experiences have been offered in the first three introductory chapters. Have you read the guides or prayed them? What have you noticed whether you have just read through them or have followed them as a guide to prayer? Where have you felt God close to you? To what have you felt most attracted?

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