Review Questions

Question 1

In a gesture that reaches deep into this biblical symbolism, we can imaginatively tear into small pieces mental ―photos of our past life, images that represent ways of living, reacting, behaving, thinking and desiring that no longer fit. The Spirit invites us to pick up the cloak Jesus has left behind for us. What is this new garment like? What do we feel like when we wear it? How will it affect the way we think, desire, love, and behave? These are important questions as we try to live a more intentional life.‖ How would you answer these questions right now in your life?


Question 2

Write or share your own version of Paul‘s description of how his life had changed through his encounter with Jesus on the way to Damascus. The following passage from the presentation is such a personalization of Paul‘s description: ―I once was…. I once thought I was lucky because I…. I was secure because I collected…. I knew I was a great person because I used to…. But now I throw this all away. I realized it had no worth whatsoever. I want only Jesus, not my perfection or security or happiness. Knowing Jesus is more important to me than any of this. To share his sufferings is my greatest joy because I know he will let me share his resurrection.‖

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