Review Questions

Question 1

When we move beyond vocal prayer and discursive meditation, we create the space for what has been locked away in our inner prisons to come up. Every mystic‘s writings deal with this reality: ―The inner stillness of praying allows emotions to surface that we may not have been aware of, such as anxiety, guilt, rage, jealousy and self-hatred. Memories become dislodged and we begin to feel the earthquakes created by their presence. Lots of ‗debris‘ stored away in the filing cabinets of our unconscious could begin to pop into our minds, disturbing our prayer. On top of this, events and situations during the day become hooks which intensify our emotional responses. Thoughts about loved ones who are ill, medical tests we need to have done, financial difficulties, job worries…. The increased awareness we gain through prayer means we are more sensitive to our own inner worlds and how we respond to others.‖ How can awareness help our prayer to deepen and our life to become more meaningful?


Question 2

How can the following statement bring you hope: ―The Father‘s love gets mixed up in our lives, and that can be messy.‖

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