Our Lenten Journey – Contemplative Prayer

Topic 1 – What is God Doing?

Topic 1: What God Is Doing?

  1. Introductory Story: God’s Action
  2. What you will learn
    • Questions at the heart of prayer
      • Questions of the heart
      • Questions of life
      • Questions of modern life
      • Questions of lifestyle
  3. Technology and contemplative living
    • Loss of transcendence
    • Logic of domination
    • Manipulation of relationships
    • Efficiency
  4. The Trinity
    • Andrei Rubylov‘s icon
      • An invitation
      • Love
      • Priority of the person
  5. Technology and Trinity
    • Generation, procession, and love…Generators and processors
    • The Trinity‘s cue to modern spiritual life
    • The eschatological perspective
  6. Technology as a challenge
    • Contemplative cocoon and social awareness
    • Together, not alone
    • Reconciliation
    • Connection with others
  7. Need for personal rhythm
    • Harmony both with today‘s communication expectations and the eternal.
    • Live in the world as it is here and now
    • Contemplation as secret for understanding communication



  1. What has been your rhythm of deeper living? Of prayer? Of meaning? In what areas of your life are you being invited to greater integration?


  1. Some people describe themselves as living in different compartments. They pray in this space, they watch YouTube videos in that space over there, and they work in this other space. Others describe the same reality as taking on different ―personas‖ or roles. They are almost different people depending upon which role they are carrying out at the time. All of these ―personas‖ may reflect your deepest identity as a Christian or they may reflect opposing and discordant values, thus creating a fragmented and frustrated life. How would you describe yourself?


  1. As you begin this course, what do you desire?



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