Our Lenten Journey – Contemplative Prayer

How do I find God?

This probing question is the single most important for Christians today.

When our souls are thirsty for the spiritual, how do we find the time to contemplate, and more importantly, what do we do during that time? What happens when God asks us to let go of what is most dear to us? Does the ancient mystical tradition of the Church mean anything today in a world so quickly changing? What do we do when praying seems ―tacked on‖ to our life? What happens when we have no time for contemplative prayer? What are the paths to inner peace when our hearts need healing? How do we deal with fragmented or obsessive thinking?

Celebrated author and Paulist Sister, Kathryn James Hermes, F.S.P., seeks to address these questions in this new vital course.

Whether you are a newcomer, novice or well-seasoned in the ways of prayer, we all find nourishment from guides and mentors along the way. This program weaves together various strands of Christian living into a tapestry of spiritual development and Christian maturity.

St. Paul once said, ―For to me, living is Christ….‖ (Phil 1:21). However, what was for Paul a dynamic force for change, a powerhouse of transformation, has been, in our day, too often tamed and comfortably stowed away in a closet. At his birth the Son of God burst into history as a torrent of love to save us from sin and death, so that the whole universe would converge in the heart of the Trinitarian God – that heart which we now call our home. How could all of this have been reduced to going to Mass on Sunday or graduating from eighth grade CCD? What happened to the bold teaching of the apostle Paul, ―I have become Christ‖?

In these presentations you will find new horizons of contemplative living in today‘s society, a variety of practical teachings on contemplative prayer from saints and the Catholic tradition, and an in-depth look at the trajectory of spiritual development. It is only the Spirit who paints in our hearts the face of Christ and so the program includes guided prayer exercises where you can place yourself under the guidance of the Spirit.

The study of spirituality has been a life-long pursuit of Kathryn J. Hermes, F.S.P., M.T.S.

Sr. Kathryn has an M.T.S. from Weston Jesuit Center for Theological Studies and an advanced certificate in Scripture. She is the author of Surviving Depression—A Catholic Approach (now in ten languages), Making Peace with Yourself—15 Steps for Spiritual Healing, Beginning Contemplative Prayer, St. Joseph—Help for Life’s Emergencies, Holding on to Hope (Fall 2010 release), among others. Hermes is a Daughter of St. Paul. She currently directs the Acquisitions Office for Pauline Book and Media Centers and Digital Publishing for the publishing house of the Daughters of St. Paul. She is a spiritual director, offers presentations on spirituality and depression, and leads retreats.

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